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Build a device that tracks temperature, sunlight and soil moisture, to figure out where to plant stuff in my garden.

I plan to do this using the Intel Edison platform I won in an Instructables Invitational. Here's my proposal from the contest:

I will soon move into a new house, the first time ever I will have my own backyard and I want to turn it into an urban farm. My challenge is that I was raised on a different continent, with a rather different climate, and so not everything my mom taught me about gardening applies here.
I tried finding factual information about the climate in my new town (Toronto ON) but the only available information is on a macro level, ignoring the fact that different areas of the city have different soil types, sun orientation, moisture, etc. I'd like to use the kit to start experimenting on small, cheap dataloggers that could be distributed in the city to start collecting environmental data on a micro level, and crowdsourcing a local climate database for gardeners and urban farmers. Once the datalogging is in motion, I plan to start experimenting with automating irrigation and monitor plants more closely.


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