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Create USB thumb drive playlist for JVC system

Uses an Automator workflow defined as a service to use from within iTunes to copy (and possibly convert) song files to a thumb drive, to use in the JVC sound system. The workflow produces a log of sorts that is opened with TextEdit after running.

Code for the bash script: [:html:] <script src=""></script> [:htmlend:]

This will require the faad and lame utilties to work. Easiest way to install them is to use homebrew.

To do

  • fix issue of Finder window asking for destination folder remaining hidden behind iTunes
  • clean up hidden Apple files (rm -rf .* should work but BE CAREFUL)
  • handle unknown formats better
  • make cleaner logs
  • apparently, putting files in subdirectories should be recognized by JVC as albums, to try out
  • do better documentation

Drive issues

  • thumb drive has to be FAT32 formatted (MS-DOS format in Disk Utility)
  • apparently doesn't work with drives bigger than 2GB

iTunes issues

  • services seem to be working only when displaying songs within a playlist, not in the library (?)
  • if iTunes acts up and refuses to let you run your service, selecting the songs then running the script from Automator should still work

Other issues

  • after upgrading your OS, you might find that the utilities installed via homebrew are no longer linked properly. Run brew unlink xx and then brew link xx should help.


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Page last modified on January 21, 2017, at 16:15 EST